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2MEN IN BLACK are “What’s Happening!”


2Men In Black play lots and lots of the music that everyone remembers … yet do their best to avoid the same old songs that you hear every day on the Chicago area oldies radio stations. By nature, they favor the classic tones and harmonies of The Beatles, but wait … there’s more, so much more to the style and sound of 2Men In Black. Of course, you’ll hear the sound of the ‘60’s British Invasion groups but it doesn’t end there. The Beatles shaped their signature sound on the recordings of many other artists. So, it’s a given that you’ll also hear the soaring harmonies of The Everly Brothers and the rockabilly guitar sounds of Buddy Holly and Carl Perkins. No doubt about it … many American groups and artists were influenced by the Beatles. 2Men In Black consider it their duty to cover lots of material from those pop groups and artists on this side of the Atlantic as well. We also love to re-visit the fabulous sounds of our own Chicago based ’60’s groups like … The New Colony Six, The Buckinghams, The Shadows of Night and others!

If the Classic Sounds of the late ‘50’s right through the ’60’s rings a musical bell for you … consider having an unforgettable evening with us … Chicagoland’s Fab ‘60’s Duo.


You can check out our extensive song list and click on the links for our song samples to hear a little of our music. Be sure to also give a listen to our 7-minute song sampler “commercial” that’s available on this website.


John - 708-476-5503 or Ray - 815-693-6832.


PS. We’d like to address the 800lb Gorilla that you’ll notice on our website. Not a real gorilla, but more likely it’s a bit confusing because some of our videos and music have us performing as “Radio Flyer.”  We had been appearing as Radio Flyer since 1999. Unfortunately, in early 2020 we received a cease-and-desist letter from the little red wagon people’s corporate attorneys telling us in no uncertain terms to find another name for our act. Then came the pandemic and since the shutdown we just haven’t been able to redo the media. So, just know that we are no longer known as Radio Flyer and we are now proudly 2Men In Black.

Attention Local Libraries!!! We’ve got you covered too … 2 Men In Black Available Library Program Performances 2Men In Black have arranged and produced programs specifically for your local library. These shows are a wonderful mixture of educational, informative and entertaining fun! They take a step back in time to explore and learn about musical topics such as … American Music: The 1950’s and Early ‘60’s … before the Beatles and the British Invasion. This program centers on the American music scene of the late ‘50’s through 1963 … just before Beatlemania. They will demonstrate and explain the growth of artists like Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Ricky Nelson, The Everly Brothers, Bobby Vee, The Beach Boys and many others from the time period before the American music scene was consumed by the British Invasion in 1964. The Everly Brothers and Buddy Holly. This program specifically features the beginnings and later successes of two artists that forever changed the face of popular music world wide. Without them, there might not have been a British Invasion! You’ll hear their most popular music and learn about how they came to be; their personal lives and musical careers. Beatlemania! 2Men In Black dig deep into The Beatles catalog starting in 1963, the year before they conquered America and through the Beatlemania years 1964 and 1965. Special focus on the Ed Sullivan Show performances in February 1964 that introduced them to America. 2Men In Black will perform their most recognizable songs interspersing them with interesting facts and tidbits that will make the music come alive for the audience. So much to tell in so little time! The British Invasion. The Beatles started and led the assault on America and the rest of the world in 1964 and through 1967. This program is dedicated to all the other top British acts that continued to dominate the airwaves during these years and beyond.

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